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Shopping Small Across the US

While I do shop at the big box stores like Home Depot, Rockler, Woodcraft, etc I try really hard to get stuff from locally owned businesses or small US based

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Trailer Birthday!

My trailer is one year old today!  What? You don’t celebrate your trailer birthdays? What can I say, I love my tools and equipment. I mean have you checked out

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Birthday Kick-Off

The Horse Lover The end of the year is always fun at our house, while the typical family deals with the holidays we deal with all five kids birthdays mixed

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Meet me 

Howdy howdy! 

I’m Stephanie and I am the creative director behind Sew Sawdust. 

I specialize in wooden artistry; including but not limited to wooden bowls, pens, charcuterie boards, growth charts and more. 

I’m NOT your average box store! I look to get my wood and supplies from locally owned businesses or small businesses from around the US.  

Want to learn more??

Thank you Sew Sawdust for making a custom made T shirt for my husbands first fathers day you once again made it special and captured my husbands favorite sport, fishing! you were so timely and I was so thankful for your speedy work cant wait to work on more projects with you.-(Casa de Guajardo+) — feeling thankful.
My husband loved his beautiful picture frame that I bought him for our anniversary. (The beautiful one in the middle.) Beautiful workmanship that captured the exact essence of what I had imagined. Thank you so much, Stephanie!!!!
Absolutely love the Scrabble I ordered! Thank you for the owl treat, love the way it looks together 💕
Thank you so much for making a vision come to life! It came out beyond perfect! Now we just need to add family pictures around and it will be complete!
I saw the beautiful pens Sew Sawdust makes and said, "Stephanie, can you make me a fountain pen?" She said "Yes!!!" It writes like a dream! I saw a bowl posted on facebook. It had so much character. I loved it! But it has holes, I said to myself, how will it be useful? Three days later, I thought of the PERFECT use! It is going to be perfect for holding a yarn ball while knitting/crocheting! (sorry Kitty, no more yarn balls to chase...) and there is a hole just perfect for threading my yarn through! Moral to the story: If you see something you love, buy it! If you'd love something but don't see it, Ask!!! If you need something made from wood, Shop Sew Sawdust! Stephanie is an excellent craftswoman, artist and woodworker!
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