2021 Campbells Hands On Retreat

I first learned about the Campbells Hands On Retreat in 2019 at another retreat. While I really wanted to attend in 2019 it just wasn’t feasible. Then come 2020 and we all know the shit show of a year that was! Fast forward to 2021, after talking with the husband and my mom I claimed my spot!

I left home June 7th and started the 3 day drive to Michigan, I had pre-booked my hotels and mapped my route. After picking up my bestie from the airport we arrived in Michigan on June 9th.

Thursday June 10th was beginner day, it was the day to catch up with old friends family and refresh my memory on the correct ways to sharpen and use my tools.

Friday and Saturday were class days, I learned how to turn mushrooms, birdhouses, carve and a refresher course on a few more. Of course there was lots of peeking in on other classes and meeting new people and more catching up with people I already knew. 

Of course there was purchasing new tools, you can’t go to a retreat and not pick up a few new goodies. There were also a few tools that got purchased shortly after the retreat! I can’t wait to share all my new ideas and techniques with you. But first I need to clean up the shop and find new places for my new goodies.