Sew Sawdust with her rainbow baby

Who am I?

I am a wife and a mother to five amazing children.

My husband and I met during our Senior year of High School. We got married in an old school house across from my family’s land in California. Fun fact: the school house is where we have had several family functions and some of my Greats even attended school at the little school house!

Over the last several years we have moved from San Diego, California to Corpus Christi, Texas just to move back to California! We are now “home” in Marysville, California.

While in Texas we  moved several times,  added five children to our little family, bought and sold our first home in Oct 2004-May 2020. While in Texas I dived head first into starting and owning my own company.  Just to move our small (large) family and my business all to California!

Why Woodworking?

We had a very rough couple of years and it wasn’t until my friend sent me some pictures and said “Hey you could totally make these!” I took a look at them and went straight to Home Depot and purchased a scroll saw, some wood and some sandpaper. What started as a hobby quickly turned into a form of therapy for me, that then turned into a business. A business that has grown quite a bit and has helped our family in hard times and get back into the positive. My one regret is that I didn’t start my business sooner or to even just dabble in wooden artistry before my Grandpa’s all had passed away, they would have been able to pass so much knowledge onto me. I am happy I still have my Dad who can pass on his knowledge and even some that he learned from his dad!

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