Blissbox Bowls

I was featured in the November 2019 Blissbox!

Being in the Corpus Christi Blissbox was something I had wanted to do so I was pretty tickled when I was able to participate.  I was originally asked to make 70 bowls for the boxes but that number changed to 80, 80 tiny bowls!

I started making them out of Texas Red Cedar and decided maybe I’d add in some Texas mesquite but quickly decided that I wanted to stick to just Cedar. 

First step was to cut the logs in quarters so I would get long sections to work with. Once I had the quartered pieces of Cedar I went ahead and rounded them all out and added tenons to each log. 

Now that I had rounded logs I could start making bowls! No two bowls are an exact match, giving each person their own very unique bowl.  

Once I got them bowls all parted off I went and bought myself a standing belt sander so I could sand the bottoms quickly. Then I could use my orbital sander and get the bottoms nice and smooth…or as smooth as the wood would let me get it. 

The final step to each bowl was signing each bowl, let me tell you that was a task! I had to take several breaks so I could give my fingers a break. (The burner gets hot…I mean it is a burner after all lol)