One Of A Kind Bowls

Choose from already made wooden bowls or send me a request.

Still Available

Hurry and snag yourself one of these one of a kind bowls! 
Click on each photo for a full size view of each.


This small bowl is made from Ash wood. This bowl features not one but two sides with the bark still attached.  
$25 plus tax and s/h

Coming soon

This shallow dish is made from locally sourced Texas Ebony wood. This dish maybe small but it makes up for that with its grain.

$15 plus tax and s/h

Coming Soon

This bowl is made from locally sourced Huisache wood. This bowl features a pink eopxy filled hole on the outside of the bowl.

$25 plus tax and s/h

coming soon

This bowl is made from Maple wood and has a large crack running throughout it, it has been filled making it “whole”.

$22 plus tax and s/h

coming soon

Texas Red Cedar smells absolutely amazing while turning it. It also leaves the turner with a red dusting afterward haha. This bowl features a large crack on one side, it has been filled with glue. 

$50 plus tax and s/h


ATTENTION!! This bowl is 100% food safe! It is finished with a walnut oil and wax. You can buy butcher block oil at Home Depot or at Lowes, you’ll want to reapply after every other handwashing.

$45 plus tax and s/h

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This collection of bowls has already been snatched up!

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