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Hurry and snag yourself one of these one of a kind bowls! 

Corpus Christi Texas Osage Orange bow made by Sew Sawdust

Osage Orange

This small bowl is made from Osage Orange wood. When you have it in the sun it has a beautiful natural shimmer.  
$15 plus tax and s/h


This shallow bowl is made from locally sourced Huisache wood. This bowl has a small piece of bark left intact on the bottom.

$16 plus tax and s/h


This bowl is made from locally sourced Mesquite wood. This bowl has an insane amount of character to it, it features several holes and burrows made by worms and bugs.

$25 plus tax and s/h

Texas Ebony

In the 50’s there was a freeze ruining most of the Texas Ebony trees, resulting in the center (the pith) being rotten out. This little bowl may have some imperfections but the grain is absolutely beautiful.
$22 plus tax and s/h

REd Cedar

Texas Red Cedar smells absolutely amazing while turning it. It also leaves the turner with a red dusting afterward haha. This bowl features a large crack on one side, it has been filled with glue. 

$50 plus tax and s/h


ATTENTION!! This bowl is 100% food safe! It is finished with a walnut oil and wax. You can buy butcher block oil at Home Depot or at Lowes, you’ll want to reapply after every other handwashing.

$45 plus tax and s/h

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