Broken and Almost Trashed

Let me tell you about this bowl, in case you missed it on IG/FB.

I had a large bowl order for a customer/friend, she wanted six unfinished stacking bowls. I was working on taking the tenon off the very last bowl when the bowl came flying off the lathe. It chipped a large piece off and created a crack, it also had a long crack on the opposite side. I posted a picture in frustration on IG/FB and said it was going in the trash! I had comment after comment telling me not to toss it, I could salvage it. So it went to the workbench and got moved around for months.

Finally after getting home from the retreat I was inspired and came up with a game plan on how to salvage this bowl. I filled the large chip with epoxy and coffee grounds, in hindsight I used too many coffee grounds for my liking. Then after the epoxy cured I sanded the exterior and then used my (new) carving set and added some texture to the inside of the bowl. 

This bowl was purchased by another local artist.

Sew Sawdust finished bowl order