Choosing the Wood

Customizing a Bowl

If you are ordering a custom made bowl there are a number of options. Your biggest hurtle so to speak is what type of wood can I get my hands on. Typically I try and use wood that is found native to our area but that doesn't mean you are limited to what we have in our area. Ordering wood from other states or parts of the world is always an option, ordering wood does come at a higher price tag to counter the expense.

The husband of sew Sawdust owner Stephanie holding up the reject pile, while looking for good pieces to use.

As a customer when you order a custom piece you will have several options to choose from, there are different types of wood, stain, paint, vinyl, finish, and fonts.

When ordering a sign, puzzle, etc you will have a couple different types of wood to pick from.
Common Pine - this will almost always be your cheapest route
Premium Pine - this is a step up from your common pine
Select Pine - this is your more expensive type of pine
Hardwoood - choosing hardwood is your more expensive type of wood. When picking from hardwood you have lots of options!

Using the higher quality wood will be more expensive but it will also theoretically last longer.