Can you make me a disney (etc) character?

No, I do not recreate copyrighted materials. Copyright lawsuits are not something I look forward to!


I found this "item" on Etsy, can you make one?

In a sense I can! I do not want to take something that someone has worked hard on creating so I will look at what they've done and make it my own. Some shirt or sign designs are a reproduceable item and can be remade with an extra purchase.


Do you ship?

Absolutely! I ship anywhere in the United States with USPS, I usually use their priority boxes. Some items will ship in non priority boxes, this will be due to sizing issues. At this time I do not offer shipping overseas.


Do you offer payment plans?

I sure do! When we are talking about your item let me know that you will need to do payments and we will set it up. Your item will be started once half of the payments have be received. If it is a personalized piece I will need the full payment before starting.


Do you offer refunds?

Refunds will not be issued if a custom order has been started.

Store credit may be issued on a case to case base.

If an item is damaged during shipping please send pictures of box and item to stephanie@sewsawdust.com within 24hours of delivery confirmation.

everything you need to know before ordering your custom piece

The husband of sew Sawdust owner Stephanie holding up the reject pile, while looking for good pieces to use.

Choosing the Wood


When you are choosing what type of wood you’d like for your custom piece there are a few factors to keep in mind. Firstly cost, if you are trying to keep your cost down I’d recommend Pine Wood. There are a few type of Pine Wood, some cheaper then others. If you’d like your piece to last longer then I recommend splurging and getting hardwood, hardwoods will be more money but they will last longer in the long run. When choosing a hardwood there are lots of options, like anything some will be cheaper then others, some work better outdoors then others, you also want to keep in mind what the rest of your house looks like, you don’t want your piece to clash with the rest of the room. 


Can I Use This Bowl For Food?

Some bowls I use food safe finish when I finish the bowl making it 100% food safe. While other bowls I finish using a lauquer finish, these are not considered food safe. Now it is said that once a bowl has sat and cured for 30 days it is considered food safe. *please do NOT eat from just any wooden bowl! Make sure you trust who you ordered from*

What Kind Of Maintenance Do I Need To Do With My Bowl?

Most bowls only require a quick wipe down with a dry cloth, how easy is that?! You can always hand wash with mild soap and air dry your bowls as well. If you are hand washing your wooden bowl I recommend using some of my Bee Oil, apply with a paper towel and let it sit for 15 minutes then wipe the excess off with a new towel. (If you do not have bee oil you can use any type of food safe oil, Home Depot and Lowes carry butcher block oil)