Farm Life

Sew Sawdusts farm animals, husband hugging a goat, child with large dog and chickens looking for food

To say living the farm life is living my best life would be an understatement.


While I am waking up earlier then I did in Texas, I still don’t quite make it to the morning feed session. In my defense my mom goes out at damn near 6am! She usually ends up taking one or two of the kids in the morning depending on who is awake at that time. The evening feed time is always fun because the goats (who are like small piggie children) know what is going on, they get grain at night and they LOVE it! We’ve started distracting them with apples that fall off the tree or scraps from the kitchen, so it has become a real group effort. Kid #5 loves feeding the cats, so she feeds them while one of the other kids (usually #4) gets the dogs food ready. Then kid #3 likes to distract the goats with the goodies, so she feeds the distraction while we go in to feed the dog and goats. Now this is where it gets hinky, the goats KNOW whats going on but they really want the treat also. So they are usually watching the barn to see when we are coming around the corner, now it’s on! You have to RUN to the goat pen and try to out run the goats who by this time are in a full charge to get to the grain. If we are lucky we can out run them and get at least a little bit of grain in the first feeder so they can rush that one while we fill the rest. Before we figured out the distraction part you literally were battling the goats, they would try and eat grain from the bucket while you are trying to dump it or the big goats are pushing around the little goats and pushing you over also.  

The kids have really taken to farm life also, that is until we are doing brush clean up that they don’t care for. As for feeding and taking care of all the various animals they are all over that. Even the hubby who “doesn’t like animals” is kinda obsessed with them, he is always loving on them or talking to them.