Finding the Balance

I get asked all the time how I balance everything, the truth? The truth is I really don’t! Something is always slacking and it’s been a struggle to find the perfect balance. I will find the perfect balance for a few days but then something happens and I’m back to my old ways. LOL My poor husband has come home many a nights to a messy house and dinner not even thought of.  Some night he comes home to a cleanish house and dinner started, those are good nights. Then you have the nights when all the kids are ready, dinner is done, house is cleaned up and I’ve managed to get a bunch of work done. Those are the days I love! (So does he haha)

I have gotten better lately and it has a lot to do with timers, I have several preset timers to remind me to start dinner, get on social media, go to appointments, and so forth. If I had any advice for anyone, I’d tell them to set all the timers in the world, keep yourself on track. 

So until I can hire lots of people to handle all the boring and unfun jobs, I will keep doing my best even if it doesn’t look great some days.