George Family Slab

Sew Sawdust creates a family slab

This slab of pine came ALL the way from New York. While visiting family my customer helped cut down a pine tree that had been on the family property for longer then they can remember. They fell in love with this slab and had to bring it home, to Texas. After getting it home they asked me to create something for their anniversary that would ultimately be passed down.
While working on this slab it started to crack, and eventually the crack went all the way through. Calling the customer to let them know what had happened was a tough call. Luckily they were very understanding and let me keep working away on it. 
Once it was put back together and sanded I hand routered the lettering and then spray painted the interior. Once it was sanded again I was finally able to seal it off.  
This piece of pine may have been difficult from start to end but I absolutely love how it came out.