I’m Broken

This is a blog post I’ve been meaning to sit and type up for awhile now, alas life happened and I am just now getting around to it.
It has been exactly 9 months since I “broke” my finger, November 20 2019 I just about died. The night before I had asked my husband to help hook my trailer up to the burban, he replied “wait why? Tomorrow is Wednesday.” I just giggled and asked again, “You do not need anymore wood!” I should have listened to him!

Wednesday morning I headed over to meet my tree guy, he owns Tree Amigos in Corpus Christi, Texas. (If you need your trees dealt with he and his crew are the way to go!) John would give me a text or call when he came across any rare or nice looking trees, he was my tree dealer. LOL Anyway I digress, after we finished loading my trailer with the Mesquite tree…literally an entire tree! I looked at it and thought “SHIT! Blake was right, this is way too much wood!” So naturally I wanted to get it unloaded before he got home so he wouldn’t have to help me and I wouldn’t have to listen to him tell me I had too much wood. 

That’s when it happened. 🙁 I thought I had calculated correctly and had my hands in the right spot, have I told you I’m really bad at math? I moved the bottom piece and the top came crashing down onto three of my fingers but mostly my middle finger. I couldn’t breathe, it hurt so bad. I tried looking at my fingers and knew it was broken. I almost fainted or puked or both, honestly I was in so much pain I couldn’t even deal with anything. My two year old was startled and didn’t know what to do, my eldest who was helping me (he was doing online homeschool last year) he didn’t know what to do. I tried calling my husband and could barely talk, my son had to help me. He then went next door to get my neighbor, because at this point was a bawling mess.

Finally I was able to compose myself enough to call my friend to have her pick up my kids from school, and come sit with all of them so I could go to the Drs. I even tried calling my kids pediatrician, she said something to the effect of “Oh honey you need to get an x-ray” so off to Premiere Emergency Room.

Once there and checked in they sent me for some x-rays, then I waited for the Dr to come in. He came in looks at it and tells me he needs to drill a hole in my fingernail! In my head I am envisioning him bringing a drill out and I’m trying to wrap my head around this whole thing all the while my whole hand is throbbing. Luckily he came in with a very sharp needle and twisted it back and forth until it popped a hole in my nail and he was able to relieve pressure. He also informed me that I had indeed broken my finger and to use a splint for a few weeks. So home I went to lay in bed while trying to get the pain to subside.

In February I needed to see the Dr again for a bad cough and congestion, since I was going I asked them to do another x-ray because my finger was STILL bothering me. The Dr came in and was confused as to what I wanted because they couldn’t do anything for a crushed finger. I’m sorry a what?! The Dr never said anything about it being crushed or needing to see an orthopedic surgeon! I went home with meds for the cough and just disappointed because we couldn’t afford surgery and frustrated that I wasn’t told months ago that I needed to see a surgeon.

Today makes 9 months since I crushed my finger, I can finally make a tight fist with little to no discomfort. I can pop the knuckle without crying out in pain, it is definitely not fully healed but it is nice to finally be able to fully use my hand. Although I still have trouble gripping heavy things for any extended period of time. 🙁