My Shop and Tools

You could say I have a tool spending problem. Blake does! 😂

My old set up in Texas took over the whole garage, Blake even resigned his car spot due to the over growing sawdust issue. “I don’t want my car covered in sawdust.” Every time I would add a tool we would have to rearrange everything. I had “tables” that were made up of saw horses and old doors or my trusty old 8ft folding table. We did make a giant oversized work bench (way before I started my business) and eventually made a second smaller workbench. Just before we left kid #2 and I built a custom shelf piece to help organize everything. 

Now I’ve got a shop that is just a shop! I don’t have to share it with the kids junk, the gardening junk, I don’t even have to have all the car hoop-lah in the shop. Since being in California I’ve upgraded a few of my tools, inherited a few and borrowing a couple till my dad gets here with all his toys…I mean tools. 😉

I’d still love to have space to have a full size table saw, Robust American Beauty lathe, a CNC Machine and maybe even a laser engraver. One of these days I’ll have a shop large enough to house all of these, until then I make due with my smaller tools.

Here area  few shots of what my setup looked like in Texas, it was always changing.