Still truckin’ along!

I’m still here! Between distance learning, the holidays and the new year things have been slightly chaotic at the Sew Sawdust house.

Gearing up for our first holiday season in California was intense, mostly because I underestimated everything. I MEAN EVERYTHING! The state shut down again in Dec (for those who weren’t privy to that info) meaning almost all of my shows were cancelled or postponed. Luckily one didn’t close down and I was able to get into another show last minute. Between those two shows and customers wanting to buy product I had on hand and placing order for new product I was busy busy busy in Nov and Dec. All the while having to stay on top of the four older kids, who are always “done” with school but never truly done. Then you have the crazy toddler who just wants to play and or thinks she has school so we have to “do” school with her too. 

2021 has already been crazy busy and I am semi ready for it. 🙂 I’ve got several shows lined up already for the coming months, I have started to offer Ocean Pour classes. (Interested and local? Visit my Facebook page to see when the next class is)

For now you’ll find me in the shop or managing distance learning for four. LOL

Sew Sawdust offers an ocean pour class