Surviving COVID-19

Shout-out to Didi!

Before I get started a quick little shout-out to my Momma!
Thanks mom for making the hubby and I our own resuable masks to wear when we are out and about. (Which we are both trying to limit)

How have you been holding up during the COVID-19 upheaval? 

Here at our house it has been chaotic to say the least! When you have five kids, four of which now have to do some type of schooling during the day and the baby just wants to join in it can be crazy.  With that being said  my kids have been doing such a great job not seeing their friends and not getting to go out and do things. 

Playing with power washers to clean the fence, organizing my wood stash and down sizing it, make your own pizzas, self made bangs (yeah that wasn’t super fun), catching flies, untangling blind cords, naps, playing in the sprinkler, and so much more.  (Yes, my daughters have been trying to keep the flies as pets….it has caused a few arguments)

With everything going on and being pulled a thousand ways it has been hard to get some work done on my business but I”m hoping things start to settle down a little so I can get into the garage to work/play. I have been working on organizing the garage a bit so when I can get back to work it is easier to move around! 

What have YOU been doing these last few weeks? How are you holding up?