Surviving COVID-19 Part 2

Anyone else out there with multiple kids getting overwhelmed with all the school “stuff”?? Each kid has multiple websites with different logins, workbooks, class dojo and zoom. OYE VEY! It is enough to make you go crazy. As soon as I feel like we are getting the handle on it, getting into a groove I find out we’ve been missing something the whole time and we have to re-evaluate what we are doing. 

Luckily the husband lives, eats and breathes computers so we have enough in the house for each kid to be during computer work all at the same time. Soon everyone in the house will have their own computer…including the 2yr old who already knows how to turn on the computer and get into Netflix to watch Pokemon or onto Disney+ to watch Frozen. 

We have been doing a lot of Pokemon Go drives, whether its during the day when we go get the kids their school lunches (thank you CCISD for still feeding my children!) or we will go out at night after the husband gets off work and do our downtown Poke Route. 

The kids also enjoy going outside to play, they just hate not being able to invite their friends over. We are constantly buying new chalk to replace the chalk they ruin or use up, I feel like we are single-handedly keeping chalk companies in business lol.

Gearing up for Easter

Learning to ride