Thinking about starting a business?

Are you currently thinking about starting a business? Has the thought crossed your mind?


It has been one of the hardest things our family has done but it is 100% worth it. Even if we don’t “make it” or don’t get super big, this whole process has been an amazing learning experience.

It has NOT been easy, I’ve failed at several things or aspects but it’s like they say “try, try and try again.”

Steps I took to starting my business:

  1. Get a name, and think about this one a bit. Do you eventually want to expand your brand? Will your name still work? Google the name, make sure it doesn’t come up, check Facebook/Instagram/Etsy you don’t want to share a name with someone!
  2. Go get your DBA, you don’t need a LLC right off the bat, but definitely keep the idea of getting one in your back pocket.
  3. Go get your domain name (there are loads of options to choose from), Etsy account, YouTube account, Twitter account, Instagram page, start a Facebook page, get everything locked down with your name. Even if you don’t plan on ever using them, get them so someone else doesn’t snag them.
  4. Get some business cards. I went with pretty ones but they did not give my customers any idea what I did. I suggest trying to find something that goes with your business. I used and still use Vistaprint, they have great deals on cards.
  5. Decide if you want to solely sell online, at markets or have a store front. (having a storefront is a whole other ball game, I don’t have one currently and I don’t have many tips there)
  6. If you’re selling online start getting 1 platform going, I’d suggest Instagram because you can link it to FB and Twitter by simply selecting the buttons. You don’t want to always use this option though!
  7. If you’re looking at getting into markets start doing everything that you can and weed out which shows work for you and which don’t. Try and stick to the cheaper ones or ask if you could donate an item in lieu of the booth fee. (sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t)
  8. Join business groups, there are several different types some that are local and even some national groups. If you are a creative type (and honestly even if you aren’t the topics are very informative) you can look up Tuesday’s Together, it all started as Rising Tide.
  9. NETWORK! Always have cards on hand and tell everyone about you, or if you have kids they will pretty much tell everyone all about it for you.  LOL
  10. Have fun! It’s going to be a lot of work but in the end you started something and that is huge in itself!

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