Tool Review

Table Saw

Do you have the money to throw down on a large expensive table saw? If you do this post is NOT for you. LOL  If you are like me and are still working on making your first million, this post is absolutely for you! Below is my dream table saw <3

I did a fair amount of research on table saws before buying for my shop, there is a lot to consider when you are looking to purchase any tool. While I would love to have one of those large SawStop, Jet, Delta or Powermatic table saws they just aren’t in my budget at the moment. Truthfully I don’t have the space for one either! I digress, when you are looking at a table saw there are several options to choose from. I looked at blade size, did it come with a stand, the depth the blade can cut and one of the most important to me was the rip capacity on each side. 

I went back and forth between getting a DeWalt table saw or a Ridgid table saw and ultimaly I grabbed myself the Ridgid Pro Table Saw. Look for this particular saw to go on sale during Black Friday, Home Depot almost always has it on sale. 


The ease of putting together the Ridgid Table Saw was astonishing, I generally have my husband set up all my new tools. (My ADD kicks in and I can’t look at a manual and set things up) I can pull my table saw out of the garage when I need to use it and then I can wheel it right back into the garage when I am done. It does collapse down a bit but I have only done it a couple of times. It also has spots/slots for each of the tools it comes with, which is nice because I have a tendency to set things down and walk away and then can’t remember where I set it down. 

I will add that I did get a smaller lesser brand table saw before getting my Ridgid, I 100% regretted buying it. It just did not do what I needed it to do, I know it works for others but it just didn’t for me. 


TLDR : Wait till Black Friday and get one of these Ridgid Table Saws! 🙂