Tool Review -Miter Saw

I thought I’d start sharing the tools I have and give you a quick review of them.First up is probably one of my most used tools, the miter saw. We bought our first miter saw, we bought a 10in Hitachi, way before my business was even an inkling, it was just one of those tools you should have if you are a homeowner. 😉 We used it a handful of times to make a workbench for the garage, a bench for our front entry room, and a built-in laundry table. Those projects were sporadic so my Hitachi miter saw didn’t get much use.Now I use my miter saw just about daily, between cutting boards for signs, Scrabble Tiles, bowl blanks, boxes and so much more.I recently added a 12in DeWalt double bevel sliding miter to my shop and it’s amazing. I can now cut boards that are too big for my Hitachi but aren’t quite big enough to pull out the table saw.We talked about selling the Hitachi miter saw but it’s nice to have two with different size blades.