Turning a bowl

In my YouTube video part 1 I started turning this bowl just amazed by the coloring running in the grain. It wasn’t until I ran into some chatter and when trying to clean it up I made it worse and worse. I contacted a friend, Jeff Hornung, and he explained that the red and grey are actually rot. It amazes me that when wood rots it makes the wood so much more beautiful. Anywho I digress! He explained that my wall while thick was too thin for the wood and hence the chatter. So I added a bunch of lacquer to the wood and moved onto another bowl so it could soak into the wood and help stiffen the fibers.

In part 2 (video below) I put the bowl back on the lathe and used my DeWalt drill and my  Vince’s Wood N Wonders sanding discs. With some elbow grease, lacquer and the drill I was able to smooth it all out. 

In part 3 I turn the tenon off and finish up the bottom of the bowl. I did find out after everything was done that I actually turned the bottom a smidge too thin.