We made it!

It’s been a bit since adding a new blog to my website. OOPS! It has been slightly chaotic moving across country with five kids, two cats, a trailer and a 26ft Penske truck! Luckily we made it with just a few hiccups, the only major one being we cracked the radiator in the Suburban during an up hill trek. Luckily the hubby is pretty handy and has already replaced it! We decided from the get we would stay with Mom for awhile, let the hubby find a job and get established so we can buy or build our home here. It took us almost a month to be completely out of boxes, well the boxes we were unpacking that is. We also transferred all of our belongings that we are keeping but don’t need right now into Sterlite tubs so we can store them here at the Ranch. 

We sold our house so fast it was crazy! We got an offer the same day it was listed and signed paperwork less then 30 days later!  Before we left Corpus we had to stop by Moody’s Meat Market and say goodbye, they’ve watched the kids grow up it was hard to say goodbye. Once we were finally loaded we were ready to hit the road, making our usual stops and staying with our extended family. Once we finally made it it took us about two days to unload everything out of the Penske, it completely filled my moms driveway!