Why Woodworking?

It always shocks people (and amuses me) that I am the woodworker in our family and not my husband. My husband does play in the shop every once in awhile but he likes to be in the A/C! He tells me all the time he works on computers for a reason, it’s in the A/C lol. That and I guess you could say woodworking was in my genes!


I guess really you could say I have the creativity gene. My dad has always been our very own handyman, but when we moved to Texas he finally had the space to really create. So he bought all kinds of new tools and started creating amazing things. My mom for all my life has always been doing something, whether it was sewing, scrapbooking, crocheting or knitting. And then you have my grands. My dad’s mom makes the most beautiful quilts and sews, his step-dad was also a woodworker and made the most beautiful scrollsaw’d pieces. His dad was an all around handyman, I love hearing the stories my dad has of his dad teaching him to wire a house or the correct way to use a tool, and his step-mom is an awesome cake decorator. My mom’s dad was bigger then life, he was a farmer, a community leader and a woodworker. Her mom is an all round artist, let me see if I can name them all, she paints/sketches, sews, quilts, does pottery, makes puppets complete with shows and she’s a story teller! Phew I think I got it all.


So why did I choose woodworking? There is something about taking raw wood and transforming it into something completely different. 

Blake and I have made a couple of furniture pieces but it wasn’t until my friend Jamie sent me some pictures of things I could create. From there it just snowballed into this amazing business I have!sho