Wino Buddies

While scoping out the Chico Farmers Market I went by a new hardwood store and snagged up three types of new wood, Wenge, Bubinga and Lacewood. I couldn’t wait to get started using them, so I traced out a couple Wino Buddies and got to work.
I attempted to use my DeWalt jigsaw but it was smoking and struggling to cut the woods so I moved over to my Rikon Bandsaw and boy did it cut the wood like butter. Below is step by step how I get these made up, I also have a few videos on my YouTube channel.

-Trace pattern
-Cut out each Wino Buddy
-Drill holes, I use two different sized Forester Bits
-Cut slits for the wine glasses
-Sand using a belt sander
-Sand using a orbital sander
-Sand using a spiral sander
-Sand by hand to clean it all up
-Finish with Laquewith